Ballsy Rappers Call Out Pakistan For Banning YouTube; Vimeo Picks Up The Mic [VIDEO]

So the performer had to post this video lamenting Pakistan’s ban on YouTube to Vimeo, but good sports that they are, the Vimeo crew has let it be.

Ali Gul Pir along with rappers Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi made the video “Vital Saeen” which mocks their home country in both the Urdu and English languages. The video, which comes off as rather bold and brave, challenges the Pakistani government, which the video blatantly calls “thieves” in the chorus, to take down the video if they don’t like the message.

In the colorful and well-shot video, YouTube’s mascot is seen getting arrested by the military police. Think about that the next time you want to go online and whine about how your “freedom” is being “jerked away” — some people don’t even have freedom — they have Vimeo. The YouTube ban went into effect after the video company refused to pull a trailer for a film perceived as “anti-Muslim.”

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