‘Freezing Kid’ At Bus Stop Tests Strangers’ Kindness [VIDEO]

So the world apparently isn’t full of bastards and assholes like I always claim it is — at least Oslo, Norway isn’t. In this hidden camera “let’s see what will happen” social study — the sort of thing that is all the rage these days on YouTube, this charity organization set up a hidden camera to film a big-eyed youth at a bus stop, shivering in the Scandinavian winter. Seemingly every person who approached him offered him something to make him warmer, most of them giving up their own coat. So that’s pretty nice. Of course, I hate to think in terms of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” but I hope this doesn’t screw things up for future youth. Now if I see a kid shivering on the bus stop, I’m going to be like “Nice try, kid. Where’s the camera?”

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