Goat Family Playing On A Metal Band Is Happiest Video You’ll See Today [VIDEO]

With this world of death and destruction surrounding us, it’s nice to, every once in a while, cut through the depression and gloom to show you goats playing on a metal band. I don’t have a lot of answers for why these French goats (the YouTube account is French — I’m making a logical deduction here) have a metal band to play on, but it is simple and sweet nonetheless.

Because this godless, hate-filled mire that we all cohabitate has ruined “joy” for me, I kept waiting for a car to careen through and splatter this little family across the hood and undercarriage of some Citroen C4 Coupe (Laissez le bon rouleau, chèvres). That it doesn’t happen is a pleasant surprise. Grim death awaits these sweet little fuckers in some capacity, I’m certain. A grim death awaits us all (French Jeff takes a puff of his cigarette, adjusts his beret and exhales with listless ennui).

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