Happy 10th Birthday Facebook: 10 Ways Facebook Changed the Internet

10 years ago Facebook was born in a — well, we’ve all seen “The Social Network” we all know the story. Long story short, Facebook has become an integrated part of our lives for better or for worse. And despite all the detractors (including myself), it looks like Facebook is sticking around. And since we tend to chronicle these milestone events, here are the 10 ways Facebook has changed the internet over the last 10 years.

10. A sophisticated new way to organize parties

house fire 3

As Project X demonstrated, Facebook has revolutionized the way events are managed. Acting as a hub for organizing and managing events, we can now all come together to converge on stranger’s houses and ruin them in the name of youth.

9. A sophisticated new way to rob people


It has never been easier to find out someone’s social schedule for nefarious means than by “friending” them and finding out when they aren’t going to be home, piece together the layout of their house via their photos or learn about expensive new toys and gadgets they’ve acquired.

8. An integration of mediums


Because of Facebook and their acquisitions of new media companies, we’re able to have a wealth of handy options and integrated features that allow for scheduling, cataloging, sharing and commenting on an assortment of mediums and technologies. It’s not just about making comments on friend’s timelines — because of Facebook’s acquisition of properties like Instagram, we can share cool photos, videos, buy gifts and play terrible-ass games like Mafia Wars all in one place.

7. Bullying


Facebook has revolutionized bullying. By granting you an anonymous look at someone’s “online journal,” bullies (usually catty female bullies) are able to thrive and snipe at the weaker members of a tribe. I don’t know how many people have been mercilessly picked apart online by my wife and her wicked friends as a result of the ability to troll through the Facebook pages of acquaintances. I honestly don’t know what they’d have to talk about if it wasn’t talking shit on other people behind their digital back.

6. The “Remora Effect”


Because of Facebook, a number of smaller companies have been able to spring up and sustain themselves off the social media company. Think of not only the myriad of small businesses that utilize Facebook’s free networking and connecting services, but entire companies like Bang With Friends (now Down) that entirely make their nut off of using people’s Facebook pages to connect individuals.

5. Made internet stocks seem like a bad investment …


The internet seemed like a very bad investment in the weeks following their stock IPO. Speculation raised the price to a high of $45 before it closed out its first day at $38.23 — 23¢ over the opening price. Despite positive IPO’s from Google and LinkedIn before it the early noise of Facebook made the internet seem like a dangerous place to do business.

4. … and then corrected that.


Mobile advertising has made the difference with Facebook as its stocks are now soaring with a little more than a year of trading beneath their belt. Currently the stock sits at $61.48 (and Mark Zuckerberg alone made $3 billion this last week).
3. A new way to share pictures

2. A total loss of privacy


Remember when you would have a party and only invite the people you wanted to? Now everyone knows when you do anything because everyone posts pics and “checks in” and tags everyone else. A positive way to look at this is that it has made people become a lot more assertive — as in compelling people to say, “No Randy, Meyerhoffer, you can’t come to my birthday party” instead of Randy never hearing about it in the first place.

1. An innovative way to connect with the entire world


Think about the sheer number of practices and cultural norms made irrelevant by the institution of Facebook: class reunions, text messaging, invitations, phone books, websites, etc. Facebook has allowed numerous industries to lay off entire sectors of employees because of the social media giant’s convenience. So that’s pretty cool. Happy birthday, Facebook.

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