Idiots, Take Note: Neknominate is New Deadly Viral Drinking Game Heading To U.S.

They had me at “deadly drinking game.”

One guy died attempting to drink two pints of gin. Another plunged to his death jumping into a river. The game is called Neknominate; it revolves around YouTube videos of guys doing something dangerous and then daring viewers to “up the ante.”

I think a lot of websites who are reporting on this new European/Australian fad that’s making it’s way swiftly towards the US are trying to warn people away from “irresponsible drinking,” but really, how are we going to thin out the herd? Who’s going to succumb to a drinking challenge that has already claimed the lives of five young people? The dumb and the easily impressionable. Who do we not need contributing to the Utopia we’re all doubtlessly headed towards? The dumb and the easily impressionable. If you aren’t bright enough, or are too spineless to resist partaking in lethal amounts of alcohol or foolish stunts because a “bro” in a YouTube video dared you to, guess what? I’m not even going to wait until you’re cold in the ground before I try and bang your girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Fuck it, it’s worth it to teach your ghost a lesson.

Already a goody-two shoes Facebook page is trying to spearhead a campaign to change the name of the game to something more “positive” and promote doing random acts of kindness instead of debauchery. Ha, that’ll work.

Hopefully this is media hype — much like those “killer bees” that were supposed to murder us all in the 90s.

Here’s some more dangerous fads for you to not try:

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