In Your 20s and Feeling Angsty? AJ Rafael Shares Your Concerns in ‘Quarterlife Crisis Musical’ [Video]

In a departure from the norm, singer-songwriter and NMR friend AJ Rafael takes a movie musical turn in a new video just uploaded today by Julie Zhan’s ShutUpandDance YouTube channel.

The video, written and directed by one Mr. Kane Diep, features Julie and AJ singing, acting and dancing in a homage to old-time musicals about being a quarter-century old and not knowing which way they should point their compasses. Whatever you do, guys, steer away from new media journalism. You have to kowtow to vloggers (vloggers!) like they’re the Ayatollah of Iran, and you get paid in “new media shekels” (basically, links to fail videos). [Shakily points withered finger in their direction] I’m warning you. Stay away. Stay faaar away!

On the making of the “Quarterlife Crisis Musical” video, Kane told NMR:

“This video came about during a stressful day when everything felt like crap and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. So naturally I wrote a song about it. I shared it with my creative partner Julie Zhan and she loved it, and she thought of bringing AJ Rafael on board.

We’re excited for its release after three months of working on this project and working with the 40-person cast and crew. This is the biggest project we’ve worked on for our YouTube channel ShutUpAndDance. We really hope people our age can relate.

I’ve been a fan of AJ for a long time and never thought we’d work together on a song and musical. It’s pretty crazy. The release of this video fell on my 25th birthday so it’s quite meaningful. AJ’s version will be uploaded to his channel closer to his 25th birthday on March 12.”

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