Justin Bieber Sobriety Test Video From Jail Going Viral Right Now [VIDEO]

In what might be the most boring viral video you ever watch, Justin Bieber paces a thin, white line and then … does it several more times. Sure he’s a little stumbly and uncertain, but I’d trust this guy to haul my kids around in a minivan.

I’m not really sure how the people from Hottest Viral News got their hands on this footage from the jailhouse surveillance camera, but it really is unremarkable. I hope to hell they overpaid for it too.

The only reason we posted it is because we invite the sort of commentary about whether a video like this deserves to see the light of day. Is this really news? What a fantastically weird world we live in …

Here’s the Biebs with that prostitute — much more salacious:

Alleged Prostitute Posts Footage Of Sleeping Justin Bieber to YouTube [VIDEO]