Kid Copies YouTube Stunt, Barely Escapes Blow Gun-Related Death

Fifteen-year-old Shawn Stillinger escaped the Darwin Award’s clutches … this time.

Emulating a challenge he saw on YouTube, the South Carolina boy made a DIY blowgun. But when he went to shoot it, the dart tumbled back and became lodged in his throat. Two different hospitals tried and failed to remove the obstruction — and a nurse even informed the boy that they were going to have to cut his throat open.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.36.51 PM

Fortunately for the boy (unfortunately for the Grim Reaper), a doctor was finally able to non-surgically remove the dart by sticking what amounts to a fancy pair of pliers down the lad’s gullet. Sellinger claims to have learned his lesson about copying stunts he sees online, but if I recall “Final Destination,” Death will have a few more cracks at him.

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