Laffster Rebrands As Cogo, Expands Crowdfunding Opportunities To All Performers

Are you a passionate superfan? Are you good at donating money to your favorite superstar’s personal cause? Allow me to introduce: Cogo.

“But NMR guy, I already use Laffster,” you might be saying. Well guess what? Then you already use Cogo. See, as of today, Laffster is now Cogo. Now if you don’t know Laffster, then forget that I even said that name. Forget it ever existed. Because now, it’s all about Cogo.

Cogo shot 2-1

To bring you up to speed, whereas Laffster was a niche site dealing largely with comedy and comedian causes, Cogo hews much closer to a Kickstarter in that it encompasses all of your favorite performer’s needs — from charity donation to buying bigger, stronger bags of weed. Now you can donate to see stars live their wildest dreams while you get rewarded with b*tchin’ swag and perks. Everybody wins. Except Laffster — but then, who’s Laffster?

According to their press release: “Fans simply visit to watch an artists’ show where they can interact with the artist in real-time via Twitter and can also purchase rewards predetermined by the artist. Rewards range from a personal call to signed merchandise and everything in between. Previously successful rewards included a signed Ke$ha t-shirt from Zach Galifianakis as well as writing the donors’ names into comedy sketches on Conan.”

Hopefully Cogo advertises on NMR a lot more than Laffster did …

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