Maker, Fullscreen, Collective, Et Al., Join Up To Form YouTube Trade Alliance GOVA

Move over WTO and NAFTA, YouTube now has its own trade organization: GOVA.

The Global Online Video Association, GOVA, is made up of nine power players from across several of the major MCNs: Maker, Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, Big Frame, BroadbandTV, DECA, Discovery’s Revision3, Magnet Media and MiTu Networks.


Longtime video advocate and Magnet associate Paul Kontonis has been appointed executive director of GOVA and tasked with shepherding more advertising dollars to YouTube.

“All these companies were formerly defined by just having a bunch of channels on YouTube, and it was about aggregating views and prerolls,” Paul said. “Now, they’ve all become major digital media companies. They all have interest in bringing dollars and attention to the space. And they need a group like GOVA to protect their interests.”

Some have speculated that this is less about consolidating power to raise ad revenue and more about creating an entity large enough to effectively battle Google on their home turf. NMR says: like Voltron?


Hank Green, according to AdWeek, hadn’t heard yet about GOVA, but already supports its ideals: “It’s a complicated world, and it’s getting more complicated,” he said. “When it comes to ads, everybody’s got different contracts for everything. You’ve had non-ad salespeople selling ads at these companies early on. So some unusual precedents get set. I’d definitely be interested in having a unified voice, particularly in talking to YouTube.”

We’ll definitely bring you more from the GOVA proceedings as they occur.

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