Manufacturing An Art Form: Tate Roskelley Takes BMX Outside the Box [VIDEO]

Tate Roskelley understands the nature of change. He clearly recognizes that modern BMX riding is in a transitional phase and that the art is evolving into the next stage of its metamorphosis. Or maybe he’s just a regular guy who can turn a trick on a bike like your mom turns tricks off ‘em?

Roskelley is a longer last name than I’m willing to write repeatedly, so we’re just going to call him Tate. Tate rides for major BMX site The Come Up, or in conjunction with them — I don’t know how this sponsorship shit works. All I know is that Tate is reinventing the BMX wheel and crapping out amazing videos in the process. It reminds me of when street skating evolved off of vert ramps back in the 80s … okay, it reminds me of how I watched a torrented copy of that documentary about the evolution of street skating in the 80s. The important thing is: this is the next wave of BMX riding — as Adam Grandmaison of The Come Up points out, it is like a mix of parkour, skateboarding and BMX. I don’t know that it’s the next “big thing” in BMX riding, but this is the kind of experimentation and innovation that’s going to lead to that new wave.

I guess that makes Tate a sort of pilgrim on two wheels. And whiny old people in wheelchairs are his Plymouth Rock.

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