‘Minecraft’ the Movie: Brandon Laatsch Seeks To Make ‘Birth of Man’ Happen On Kickstarter

Now that “Minecraft” is a sensation, it only seems fitting that a “Minecraft” movie should follow. And if you’re going to crowdfund a really awesome spectacle, it seems only sensible that someone experienced with spectacle of that magnitude should handle it.

Going to Kickstarter to seek funds for this enormous project, Brandon Laatsch, he of “Video Game High School” and co-creator of the Freddiew channel, seems like the perfect person to have at the helm. And considering Laatsch is looking for $600,000, it seems to be one hell of a ship.

The project, called “Birth of Man” (not to be confused with the old-timey and incredibly racist “Birth of a Nation”), already has raised over $40,000 and looks to combine the blocky CGI-generated world of “Minecraft” with live-action actors.

The deadline for the project is March 8, and this is an “all or nothing” deal for Kickstarter funding, so if you’re even halfway curious about how decent a “Minecraft” movie could be — you might want to head over and check out the cooler prizes before they’re all claimed away.

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