Mom Shames Her Daughter On Facebook For Boyfriend, Fighting — Good Parenting or Bad Technique?

In the absence of spankings, parents have had to turn to increasingly creative methods of discipline in order to teach their misbehaving kids a sense of moral rightness. But is fucking with their social media the answer?

Lorraine Walls made her 12-year-old daughter publicly apologize in a video posted to her Facebook account after being suspended from school for plotting a fight. Also, she was caught talking to a boy. A boy, presumably, who had a p*nis.

As penance, the little girl is then banned from social media and also made to read the bible. I have a feeling that this is going to come back and haunt Lorraine when her daughter discovers she has telekinetic powers and stabs her mother with knives after having pig’s blood dumped on her at a dance. When will crazy overly-religious mothers learn?

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