Must Watch: ‘Gargoyles’ Entire Animated Series Released On YouTube … Mostly [VIDEO]

The entire series of “Gargoyles” is available legally from Disney on YouTube? Something seems off here … the Mouse House giving away something for free? It must be a trap!


Sure enough, on first glance, everything seems to be in order with this release of the 90s-era cult kid’s show from creator Greg Weisman. But then you notice a few episodes are cryptically missing from the organized rosters of available episodes. And on further inspection, some of the violence has been chopped out of the notoriously edgy and intellectual series about a batch of crime-fighting gargoyles.

As commenter “Joseph” points out on io9: “One important caveat that’s missing from this article (unless I’m blind…) is that these are the DisneyXD run episodes from a few years ago, which is unfortunate because those/these episodes are really poorly and obviously edited, something one can quickly notice if you were fortunate enough to watch the ’90s original run (and still have them recorded on VHS).”

Yeah, I bet he went to his prom. Spend your Valentine’s Day right here watching all four seasons because this is as good as it’s going to get.

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