YouTube Playlists Get Special Treatment — The First Act of Their New CEO?

Well that didn’t take long …

Has Susan Wojcicki, the new head of YouTube already begun putting her own unique touch on the video site in the form of easy-access playlists? At first glance, it would certainly appear so.


Running down the left column will be an offering of not just your own playlist, but playlists by artists you’ve recently “liked.” This means my playlists will mostly all be sketchy videos of “free spirits” giving birth in their living room and Japanese women peeing in the shower.

Additionally, there will be a dedicated tab on the artist’s pages for “playlists” as well as a center-aligned screen to make sure videos fit on any size screen. The new changes should be implemented worldwide in the next few days, so if you haven’t seen ‘em yet, stay tuned.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 8.11.25 PM

In the meantime, NMR was curious about why there is so much emphasis on the playlists and what was Wojcicki’s role in making it happen, so we reached out to YouTube for a little clarity. Turns out that the planning for it has been in place for a while, so it isn’t exactly her clamoring for the change, but rather keeping the longstanding commitment to YouTube policy rolling right along. That isn’t nearly as exciting as a story about Wojcicki jumping in the saddle and aggressively steering the site in a bold new direction, but, well, for this story at least, I am shooting for accuracy over rampant speculation. Oh well.

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