‘React To That’: Nickelodeon, Nick Cannon Tap Fine Brothers For TV Version of ‘Kids React’

Nick Cannon — also known as Mr. Mariah Carey, has tapped NMR friends the Brothers Fine for a Nickelodeon adaptation of their hit YouTube show, “Kids React.”


The show, which solicits unvarnished reactions from youngsters in regards to popular topics and YouTube videos has spawned several other versions including “YouTubers React” and “Teens React,” but for now, it isn’t clear what version will be popping up on the channel built by such fantastic programming as “Doug” and “You Can’t Do That On Television.”


The show, which is called “React to That,” will be a test of whether YouTubers can make the transition to mainstream. If anyone can, it is definitely the immensely talented Benny and Rafi. Hopefully Cannon also gets his mitts on their other hit series, “MyMusic” — that’s the real jewel in their crown.

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