Soul Pancake Hits Love Square Between The Eyes With New YouTube Series ‘The Science of Love’

I love, love, love interesting stuff that keeps me thinking and guessing and hoping. It’s probably how I got sucked into crystal meth so easy. Oh yeah, I also like things that make me feel like I have invisible bugs attacking my face. That being said, “The Science of Love” — the new investigative series by Soul Pancake hits on ALMOST every emotional note you could want. They introduced us to a loveable cast of single misfits, they educated us (and the misfits) about some perceptions we as a human race have about mates and dating, and then they challenged all of them to call someone they admire in a “more than friends” kind of way. It was beautiful and emotional and neat — until Soul Pancake left us on an emotional cliff.

See, one interviewee on the show actually asked out another interviewee — and “The Science of Love” never gave us our third-act resolution. We don’t know what happens. Does the girl make me hate her when she shuts him down? Do I hate the guy for putting this sweet, shy girl on the spot?! I don’t know — I need closure, damnit! Other than that, “The Science of Love” is a YouTube show to definitely keep an eye on — probably two.

Hopefully we find out the answer in the next episode. Even if she says “I don’t date single guys” or “You look like you’re a bad lay,” it will make the series feel more dramatically complete. Other than that, you’ve done it again, Soul Pancake.

Also, just so you don’t think it was filmed in a slaughterhouse or a place of ill-repute, the entire video was shot on location at the beautiful and wholesome YouTube Space LA.

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