Teen’s Videotaped Suicide Attempt Goes Emotionally Viral On Facebook [VIDEO]

Nala Morrison might not realize it just yet, but she is unbelievably lucky to be alive. The teen went depressingly viral after her taped suicide attempt got posted to Facebook.

Seventeen-year-old Nala mentions instances of rape and abuse by friends and family starting at age 4 in the video, which clocks in at over 14 minutes, but ultimately cites a relationship gone wrong as the catalyst for her consuming a mass quantity of pills. Six pill bottles in all, her father’s, some of them quite full, get washed down with cough syrup (and water).

Additionally, the African American teen who admits she has a lot that she should be happy about in life blames her mom, her nana and the darkness of her skin as additional reasons to end it all (yet, curiously, not living in New Jersey). “No I didn’t do this over a boy, I did this because I can’t handle life right now,” she says at the conclusion of the video. “Thank you everyone … who has fucked me over for no reason at all.” Tragic stuff.

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Fortunately, as mentioned above, Nala survived this video and can hopefully go on to make happier videos.

People, I can’t tell you enough times — there are so many better options out there than intentionally killing yourself. What a waste — think of the freedom you have if you are indifferent to living. You can do almost anything if you are that willing to die — think supervillain-levels of freedom, but first, here’s the number for a suicide hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Or at the very least, dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot and kick them nasty thoughts.

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