The Warp Zone Spoofs ‘The Walking Dead’ With A Shoutout To Product Placement [VIDEO]

The Warp Zone crew is all over the pop culture board — one week they’re in Middle Earth, the next they’re in … well, Georgia (or wherever the hell it is that the show takes place now). Putting up a riff on the “The Walking Dead” to coincide with the release of the new season, Brian Fisher and team point out the plot problems that product placement presents, primarily in popular programs pertaining to the post-apocalypse. Because Hyundai doesn’t want to cough up good money to show a wrecked-ass car doing wrecked-ass things, suddenly the survivors’ Hyundai Tucson stays clean and free of zombie guts, week after week.

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 6.41.30 PM

Still, I was curious how many people would miss the irony and instead claim that the Hyundai fat cats and their briefcases full of money had gotten to the Warp Zone crew, so I asked Brian:

“Definitely more than expected considering the car in the show we featured is 3 years old! But actually a surprising number of commenters said that they were itching to go to a Hyundai dealership, so you’re welcome, Hyundai.”

If you’re reading this, Hyundai, I think the Warp Zone deserves a free car. And also me. Fuck it, I want two free cars. And one of those briefcases full of cash. And a goose that lays golden eggs. And an Oompa Loompa.

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