Three-Year-Old YouTube Phenomenon Passes Away Unexpectedly

The light of the world just got a little bit darker …

Maddie Tippett, a three-year-old Australian girl whose career peaked with the hugely viral YouTube video “Who’s Your Favorite?” passed into the good night recently after a brief illness.

Over 9 million people tuned in to see the baby in 2012 tell her daddy, no matter how much he tried to bribe her, that she loved “mum” more. Unfortunately, Maddie had few other tricks in her toy chest and succumbed to a more mundane post-stardom sort of normalcy; the sort of thing that might get her cast in a novelty Weezer video one day. Alas, an unjust world intervened and a common cold overtook the lil’ cutie and affected her heart. It was sudden, tragic and apparently unavoidable. Kids passing away are always a tragedy — even more so when they displayed a sense of flair and comedic timing. She will always live on in her parent’s hearts and our computer screens.

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