Twin Sisters Reunited After 26 Years, Found Each Other On YouTube [VIDEO]

I have to imagine that discovering you have a twin is one of the most exciting experiences on the planet — akin to discovering a $10 bill in the street. Well, for Samantha Futerman and sister Anais Bordier — that $10 bill is real. The South Korean lookalikes were reunited after 26 years when Bordier saw her probable sister in a YouTube video after not even knowing she had a missing twin. I say probable because after discovering their similar appearance and shared birth date and birth city, they’ve decided to cash in on their unusual story and make a Kickstarter that reveals the truth. Now as they near in on their $80,000 payday, it looks like we all might just find out if the DNA is a match.
It’s kind of an odd thing to donate money to — after all, we already know the meat of the story, so what’s really left? Sisters, separated at birth, grew up having different lives — one in America, one in France, now reunited. Got it. Unless they aren’t sisters, of course … what if they reveal that one is a cyborg sent to kill the other — but at the last moment the cyborg discovered “human emotion” and couldn’t pull the trigger? Yeah, I’d chip in a few bucks to see something like that. But anything else, well, that’s just “The Parent Trap.”

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