UPDATE: YouTube Airbrushes ‘Allah’ Out Of Katy Perry Video After Muslim-Backed Petition Raises Holy Hell

UPDATE 2/28/14 16:07 PST: As our delightful friends in the YT PR department have reminded me, they do not edit any videos — so it is a bit misleading to say that YouTube itself made the change. They didn’t — the video uploader did. Whether YouTube has any financial stakes in the uploading company, well, that’s a story for another day.

In the midst of their other Muslim controversy, YouTube has quietly capitulated to a Change.org petition over Katy Perry’s latest video. This time around, YouTube has decided to go quietly into the good night and scrubbed the offending image — the word “Allah,” which means “God” in Muslim cultures, from Perry’s video for her song “Dark Horse.”

The complaint came from a young English Muslim man who took offense at a character in the video being turned to sand while wearing a necklace that read Allah — amongst many, many other necklaces. YouTube, perhaps in a vulnerable place after an appeals court ruled against them over “The Innocence of Muslims” — an anti-Muslim film that a San Francisco court is requiring they remove, chose to airbrush the necklace out after the petition garnered 65,258 supporters.

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So apparently the floodgate is now open — if you have anything you want pulled off YouTube, now is clearly the time.

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