YouTube App Has Mysteriously Been Removed From Google Play Store

Okay, Google Play has yanked their YouTube For Google TV app out of the Google Play store. While there hasn’t been any confirmations from Google in regards to why the app is gone, speculations are arising that it is the foreshadowing of the end for Google TV.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 6.20.40 PM

The app hasn’t been updated in almost nine months and Google TV has never exactly shown itself to be popular, but it still seems an odd way to announce that fact. Of course, Google, who is frequently tight-lipped about their methodology during on-going actions could just be taking the app down for cleaning. Do we really think that’s the case? No.

Google TV is a means of sending content from your wireless device to your television. Allegedly those people who have already downloaded the app can still see the icon for it, but as we never bothered with Google TV (like many of you), NMR can’t confirm.

Here are some other YouTube mysteries: