YouTube Has Paid Out Over $1 Billion To Music Industry

In a case of apparently never being satisfied, the music industry is still fussy about their relationship with YouTube and monies owed versus content being used.


While nothing specific has come out of it, according to The NextWeb:

“Tom Pickett, the vice president of YouTube content at Google, revealed at a Midem panel that YouTube has paid out more than a billion dollars to the music industry over the last several years. Pickett defended YouTube’s ad-supported model, which he says leads to other forms of monetization. ‘We’ve paid out to the music industry over the last several years over a billion dollars. So there is money being generated in this ad-supported model,’ he says.”

To sum it up: YouTube’s ad model works, the music business is doing pretty decent despite what they claim, and if YouTube has paid out a billion dollars, how much are they keeping in-house?

I love when these numbers pop out because they always come back to haunt someone later.

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