YouTube Tentpole Has Oscar Fever With Taryn Southern & Wayside Creations [VIDEOS]

So YouTube, always innovating and keeping NMR flush with stories, has done a sick (sick means good, brah) thing with the YouTube Space L.A. Starting their tentpole program, they seek to provide a series of culturally relevant stages to essentially give YouTubers a prop to work with in the form of a fun location. As it’s Oscar season, the Space has decked their halls with Tinseltown glitz and award show fabulousness in the form of several soundstages that connote that special Hollywood elan that vacuums up beautiful people from all over the world.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 7.02.16 PM

YouTubers of all sizes and skillsets who have in one form or another “Unlocked the Space” and gained access to the YTS:LA (fuck it, I’m coining this — it’s pronounced “Yitz-Lah” now) were able to sign up during February to get assistance and use of the soundstages to film projects relevant-ish to whatever the theme of the tentpole happens to be. The always stunning and funny Taryn Southern (damn you, world, why must restraining orders exist?!) has popped one out that should be named Jeff Jr., but instead it’s called “Welcome to Hollywood.” It’s a sassy, musical, loogie-filled box of sweets to this town we call home. If you watch this video and still want to come out here, well, Taryn warned you.

Another, by Wayside Creations, gives a delicious taste of the Best Picture nominees — but perhaps noting the scandal caused by the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape video, noticeably thought twice about giving a full shout-out to pre-Lincoln epic “12 Years A Slave.” Even though they made a fun little joke of it, their hesitation was noted and stuck a pin in something that doesn’t have to be so onerous. Just don’t show Harriet Tubman getting banged by Jason Horton and you’re fine.

I’d roundly call this tentpole notion a success though and can’t wait to see what comes next … call me when they decorate the soundstages for Caligula-themed videos.

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