YouTuber/Musician Mike Falzone To Drop His New Album ‘Zebadiah Zebra Pants’ On A Computer Near You [INTERVIEW]

Mike Falzone is one of those people I think I could be good buddies with. I always look at people I’m interviewing and think, “Could I hang out with this person and drink beers?” And fortunately, the answer is a resounding “yeah, why the hell not?”

Mike is a multi-hyphenate — as in author, musician, YouTuber and funnyman. There’s probably a bunch of stuff I’m not including, but we’re here to talk his new album Zeb — hold on, let me make sure I’ve got this right — it’s … “Zebadiah Zebra Pants.” “Zebadiah Zebra Pants.” As in a man named Zebadiah who wears zebra-striped pantalones (or is at least saddled with an unfortunate nickname implying such). And guess what? When I asked him what it meant, he neatly sidestepped the question. That, my friends, is the sign of a cool cucumber.

Now he’s all primed up to drop that album on March 21.

If I was a deeper interviewer, I would speculate that Mike’s soul is right where the creek meets the sea, but as I’m not, all I can say is buy his album. Listen to it. Wipe your ass with it. And then buy two more copies — one to keep and listen to on repeat, and another to donate to a friend with the tacit agreement that they “pay it forward.” Don’t literally wipe your ass with an iPod, I’m just trying to get you to help the guy out by buying three copies of what he’s dropping. Hmm, maybe it’s just better to let him explain it all:

You’ve got a bunch of credits on Amazon (including a book). Are you incredibly prolific? Is “Mike Falzone” just a common name, or is it a little bit of both?

Mike Falzone: Has anyone ever referred to themselves as incredibly prolific? I hope not. But yea, totally prolific.

I just make stuff. I’ve been making stuff since I was about 14. I never really think about having a lot on Amazon. Things just accumulate over time I suppose. Sometimes it feels like people are searching through a slightly more embarrassing attic when they find something older, but I’m proud of everything up there fo’ sho. Also, “Mike Falzone” is like “John Smith” in Italy (I have no way of knowing if that’s true or not).

Your latest album drops during Playlist Live and I hear it’s being done in a really unique way — any details we can have?

I released a series of three videos that were meant to serve as somewhat of a scavenger hunt. I love that kind of stuff. I remember being really into “Cloverfield” because of all of the secret viral marketing. Donald Glover just had a really interesting release with “Because The Internet” as well.

There is something nice about an album when it goes beyond whatever it’s printed on. The one thing you need to pull something like that off is an audience. That takes the most. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see people tweeting about something they had to find. Very rewarding. Hopefully for them too! (That was a horrible sentence … it’s 7 a.m.).

The forthcoming album is called “Zebadiah Zebrah Pants.” 1. What is the story behind this album’s name? 2. Why the hell is there an “h” at the end of “zebra”?

Totally no “h.” I wish I was smart enough to play it off by telling you that it was all part of the game, but in reality I probably just spelled it incorrectly in our last email.

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