YouTuber/Musician Mike Falzone To Drop His New Album ‘Zebadiah Zebra Pants’ On A Computer Near You [INTERVIEW]

On a scale of “not” to “totally,” how awesome is this album going to be, and is it a departure from your previous stuff?


“Hey guys. What’s up? It’s Mike Falzone. Please buy my record … it’s just alright. I wouldn’t turn it off right away. Probably.

I wouldn’t say it’s a departure. I would say it’s an accurate representation of what seeing me live is like. Mainly because it’s a live recording. Performing in front of people has always been my number one favorite part of being a musician. I consider myself ULTRA LUCKY that people would spend their money to come hang out for a little while. Therefore, I try to give them their money’s worth every time. I try to sit comfortably between music and comedy when most people always told me to pick one and stick with it.

What celebrity (besides yourself, naturally) do you get told you look the most like?

Dude, people tell me I look like Nick from “New Girl” … constantly. Go back to any video and read the comments. There’s always one.

You teach people in one video “how to cheat on their significant other.” Have you ever cheated on a significant other?

I have never cheated on a girl. I was cheated on a lot in high school (Not to brag. It was kinda my thing). It’s sort of one of those situations where a little boys sees his dad come home drunk and realizes that he never wants to do that. It’s not like it’s a hard thing to do. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

What’s the most balls-out crazy story you’ve got? Something off-the-rails crazy …

On the last night of freshman year at college we may or may not have had a stripper in our room. Keep in mind, we live in dorms. This is a horrible Idea, obviously. Apparently the RAs showed up and tried to key in to the room. The stripper’s bouncer then removed the key from the door and tossed it down the hall … or so I’ve heard. Me and 30 of my friends jumped out the window and I hid out at Dunkin Donuts until I realized this all took place in my room. I was getting caught no matter what. I drove silently back to campus. Head hung low in defeat.

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