A Family Affair: The Nive Nulls Hit 100,000 Subscribers And Have A Blast Doing It

NMR has friends, and then it has BEST friends — YouTubers and the like who go above and beyond — who write guest posts for the site, who pal around with us and who say positive things about NMR even when people are threatening to murder us. Austin Nulls is without question an NMR BEST friend, and as we have followed his career from damn near the beginning (our beginning at least), it gives us great pleasure to announce that his channel, The Nive Nulls, has hit 100,000 subscribers.

The Nive Nulls: Austin, Brittany and their daughter Audriauna, run a sweet slice-of-life YouTube channel that just deals with the daily goings on of a young family having the time of their lives. And clearly their energy and love is infectious because the YouTube community has responded in a big way — even Shay Carl, who at one point (jokingly) told the Nive Nulls he’d give them 500,000 if they hit 100,000 subscribers. And as Austin points out (again, joking) it’s time for Shay to pay up.

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From Austin to NMR, on hitting 100,000 subscribers:

“Last year at this time we had 20,000 subscribers so it’s been a crazy year of growth for us and we’re excited to keep going! My goal is to be at 300,000 subscribers by the end of 2014. Hold me to it, Internet!

It is such a blessing to have passed a milestone that we’ve worked so hard to get to. I’m thankful that 100 people would even watch, let alone 100,000 people. I actually just realized that more people watch us on YouTube than the entire suburb of Kansas City that I went to high school in! It’s insane!

We have worked really hard to build up a fun and engaged culture surrounding our brand and videos on YouTube. Along with focusing on just being entertaining and making good content, I feel like a huge part of our success has been an emphasis on staying grounded and remembering that we’re all just people. I try to interact with as many viewers as possible and I think that encourages them to stick around and become brand ambassadors of our videos.”

Keep up the good work, Nive Nulls; all the best from your friends at NMR!

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