Alex Day Now Involved In ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Allegations, Asked To Be Pulled From DFTBA Records As Well

In an interesting turn of events, new allegations of sexual inappropriateness have cropped up involving a YouTuber — Alex Day. The British musician and NMR friend has taken to his Tumblr recently after allegations surfaced concerning his conduct in undefined sexual situations. First stating his innocence with a post called “On Mistakes,” Day clarifies his stance on the matter, insisting that though he was 14 when he lost his virginity, the girl he lost it to was 16 — otherwise, legally above Britain’s age of consent. Also, that he’d never had sexual relations with someone under the age of consent and “without being sure the other person wanted it.”

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The next day, Day returned to Tumblr and posted another message — this one titled “On Consent.” Here, Day effects a very different tone and explains, without going into explicit detail, that he has indeed made some mistakes in his actions and that, “Until yesterday, I thought that I had had only appropriate, though occasionally manipulative relationships with women. However, the model of consent that I followed, not that I specifically thought about it at the time – was that only ‘no’ meant ‘no.’ That is not what consent is.”

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The allegations came quickly on the heels of fellow Brit and Alex Day collaborator Tom Milsom being ousted from the VlogBrothers’ DFTBA Records recording label over an inappropriate sexual relationship with a girl under the age of consent. As a result of his unspecified actions, Day has also asked to be removed from the DFTBA catalog (which Hank & John Green have done).

We’ll certainly stick with these stories as they progress — and even caution trolls creating false accusations against YouTubers (as has allegedly been the case with a few others in the YouTube community according to Hank’s Tumblr), that doing so minimizes the potential for justice in cases where it is actually warranted.

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