Animated Hollywood Spoof ‘Honchos’ Is One of Four New Series From My Damn Channel [VIDEO]

Imagine pitching a short film at the New York Television Festival and winding up with your own MyDamnChannel show … such is the reality that, not one, but two series are now experiencing.

“Honchos” and “Self-Help” were both semi-finalists in the festival’s short form division — and had the good fortune to have one of the judges be My Damn Channel’s founder Rob Barnett. He took a shine to the shows and now they, along with two other series, comprise the latest offerings from the quirky/cool MCN.

From the MDC press release:

“Honchos fuses improv and sketch comedy sensibilities with series creator Rory Covey’s love of animation. The animated series stars Sarah Puls, Brian Witte and Covey – three members of the indie improv team Taco Knight – in the story of a producing team at Promethean Pictures who are looking for their next hit movie after a series of flops. Unfortunately, the only people pitching them are quite possibly on the brink of insanity.”

While episode one hasn’t exactly wowed me, I know that there are sharp cats working over there at My Damn Channel, and that something good will come of this yet. Also, they picked up a Canadian comedy series “Bill & Sons’ Towing” from the sketch comedy group The Imponderables and something called “T3: Showdown” from Albie Hecht — an Academey Award-winning short documentary winner.

While “Honchos” is the only one currently with an episode out, expect all the rest to release something in the next few weeks.

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