‘ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong’ Earns YouTuber A Broken Nose [VIDEO]

Every generation seems to get its variation of the “Don’t run with scissors” cautionary tale. For the millennials, that message is, “Don’t prank people in Australia.” We’ve covered several Australian-based pranks on NMR and all of them have ended poorly for the pranksters.

The most recent video out of “The Land Down Under” involves the YouTube comedy group Reckless Youth, who according to the Sydney Morning Herald, is “a group recently formed by Daniel Maran, aged 19, and George Proestos and Robert Milazzo, both 16.”

The trio thought it would be hilarious to stage a robbery prank in which one of them would “rob” another while he was using an ATM. The third member would film bystander reactions.

Well, the bystanders definitely had reactions — and one of them punched the robber in the face, thinking the robbery was real. The punch broke George Proestos’ nose and left him bleeding as his friends assured the crowd it was only a prank.

“Every single comment has been negative, saying how stupid we are, how dumb this prank is,” Maran said to the SMH.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would be that negative. I thought we’d get a few people saying this is a silly prank – but literally almost every single comment is a hate comment,” he said.

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 4.56.49 PMYeah, people are getting tired of malicious pranks, guy. And the pranks are getting more and more malicious as more kids look for fame online. Pretty soon the only way your comedy troop is going to attract attention is if you actually take over a bank and start killing the hostages one by one until you get 20 million subscribers.

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