Chester See Unblocks His Private YouTube Files For The World To See [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what Chester See might have as a “private video” on YouTube? Maybe it’s something too sexy or too dangerous for the average fan to comprehend — or maybe it’s so off-the-wall insane — Chester running through a field of yaks with a chainsaw, just hacking and cutting — that it shouldn’t be anything but private?

Well, after he announced on his Twitter feed that he was opening up his vault and unprivating all his content, we got really curious as to what that entailed. So far, it doesn’t seem to be anything too crazy — here for instance is a video of him with Lana McKissack doing an ode to St. Paddy’s Day — hardly chainsaws and yaks, but as Chester announces firmly at the beginning of this video, “This was Lana’s idea.” No word yet on why any of it was privated (okay, maybe it’s a little embarrassing), but, well, that’s clearly not an issue anymore so lets not worry about it.

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.06.38 PMRoot around Chester’s site, like a pig hunting out truffles, and see what gems you turn up.

Here’s more Chester See for thee:

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