Do The 5 Best Moments of Playlist Live 2013 Hint At What’s In Store For 2014?

What are you doing this weekend? It’s probably boring stuff … unless you’re like NMR and are going to the awesomely awesome Playlist Live in Orlando! Hopefully, it’s as good as last years … okay, okay, full disclosure: we didn’t go last year. But, god forbid we look like the noobs we are, so we’ve sagely decided to bone up on last year’s Playlist Live so we can determine how to be the coolest of the cool. Or at least not total melvins.

Based on these videos, we’re all in for a pretty damn good time. So that we’re not the only ones who are “in the know,” here are the 5 best moments of Playlist Live 2013. Use these bon mots wisely and don’t call us out for being Florida virgins.

5. Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart Read Salacious Fan Fiction

Sometimes we forget that there are a lot of crazy people out there who aren’t merely content to watch YouTubers live their lives; they want to invent fictional lives for their YouTubers to live. And that’s exactly what gets read — and acted out — by the so-called Holy Trinity of YouTube. God, I’d love to see some of the creepier letters Jenna Marbles probably gets …

4. This photo …


Sam Pepper gives just a taste of how completely nuts it is to be a YouTuber at Playlist Live. It’s not exactly one of those experiences you can buy; you either have it or you don’t. Sam definitely has whatever it is. Just once in my life I would love to have hoards of women screaming for me instead of at me …

3. Vloggers, Vloggers EVERYWHERE!

It’s not enough to be around YouTubers at Playlist Live — you have to capture them in your own vlog. It’s sort of meta, really, filming people to be on your show because you are a fan of their show. I can’t quite figure out how it all works, but NMR is fully prepared to film people filming us right back. Apparently that’s common there.

2. Toby Turner’s Performance

Allegedly there were a few amazing performances from Playlist Live 2013, but few were apparently as epic as this performance by Toby Turner on the mic, rocking out with his guitar, telling stories, and just straight being Tobuscus. A year later it’s not too late to start yelling “Encore!” is it?


Okay, maybe it’s a cop-out, but living through Jennxpenn’s video, one can’t help but realize everyone who wasn’t there got majorly screwed over on the awesomeness. The fans, the dancing and just straight going nuts, it’s all good! Though we can’t go back in time and relive it (yet!), I’ve got a feeling 2014 is going to be even cooler … because NMR is there, duh!

Was there a cooler moment you witnessed firsthand? Let us know below.

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