Does Justin Bieber Hate YouTube? Deposition Video Raises That Very Question [VIDEO]

Sorry to make the headline sound all tabloid-y like that, but Justin Bieber makes a very interesting statement during a deposition video obtained by TMZ.

Bieber, who was brought in to file an official statement in a lawsuit brought by a paparazzo against one of his bodyguards, appears petulant, smug, and at one point says that YouTube was “detrimental” to his career. The interviewing lawyer asks him to repeat himself and Bieber’s own lawyer covers, saying quickly that YouTube was “instrumental” to his career. Then the stenographer is asked to read back the notes, and she too says “instrumental.” But watching Bieber over and over again, starting at the 5:14 mark, I am positive he says “detrimental.” And I believe he means detrimental too, but why?

His lawyer is right about YouTube being instrumental, but why doesn’t Bieber understand that? Would he have built the following he has without YouTube? I hope it’s just drugs talking because there is no finer example of YouTube giving someone a mega-boost than Mr. Bieber. Does Justin feel like he’s a joke because of his YouTube origins? Or that he’s been given a raw deal as a result of them?


It will be interesting to see Justin react to this footage when he’s a lot older. For some reason, I really want Vanilla Ice to reach out to Justin and say, “Hey kid, you’ve got talent and looks. Use it for the long haul.”

Besides Bieber, what other celebrity do you think has gotten the biggest boost from YouTube?

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