Endemol Spends Some of Their $40 Million; Signs Tween Rapper MattyB

Variety might question Endemol Beyond USA’s judgment in signing tween rapper MattyB, whom they call “a mid-level YouTuber on the periphery of pop-culture awareness,” but NMR doesn’t. We’ve been around just long enough to know that Endemol has a strategy that extends beyond the here and now.

In MattyB, an 11-year-old family-friendly rap artist from Atlanta, Endemol perhaps glimpses the future. See, Justin Bieber didn’t stay 11 forever either, and as reports indicate, he also isn’t getting any younger. Someone needs to fill that vacuum, and Endemol seems to have a pretty good gut feeling that MattyB (real name: Matthew Morris) fits the bill. And while we don’t always align in theory with the massive MCN that recently signed Courtney Love and Pitbull, if the tween YouTuber is good enough for Endemol Beyond, NMR will happily buy in too.

“MattyB is entertaining, genuine and has a raw talent and passion for performing,” said NMR friend and “spiritual guru” Will Keenan, president of Endemol Beyond USA.

Endemol SA logo on screen_2010 thinus ferreira

That sounds like a solid endorsement. Between MattyB’s 2.4 million subscribers across his YouTube channels and his 4.2 million Facebook followers, we trust that this portion of the $40 million Endemol pledged to developing their digital content spectrum is well spent.

Do you like the MattyB signing? Or do you LOVE IT? Let us know in the comments below.

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