European MCN Divimove adds EDM Channel Tomorrowland, Releases YouTube Talent Trailers Country By Country

I wish all MCNs did this — Divimove, allegedly Europe’s largest MCN, is releasing a country-by-country trailer that advertises all of their rosters of YouTubers in that country. This week, we get Germany. Holland, Italy, Spain and Poland are soon to follow.

I speak very little German (Ich spreche sie Deutsch nicht so gut, mit senf bitte.), but just using the universal language of the eyes in my head, I can see that there are some channels I definitely want to check out by some creators to whom I have not yet become accustomed. This includes Divimove’s newest acquisition Tomorrowland, a Belgian-based electronic music festival channel with over 2.8 million subscribers (Scheiß!). Of course, I will have to likely wait for the Belgian trailer before I know for sure, but when it gets here, I know I’m going to dig it.

In the meantime, people, peep the German trailer and then start demanding that American MCNs also start releasing these sorts of artistic and interesting trailers so we know who their current roster of stars is … I swear, there’s so many of you, I can’t keep track of who all is where.

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