Game On: Is PewDiePie Really Making $16 Million A Year?

Suddenly a gaming channel makes so much sense …

According to Social Blade’s numbers (by way of the UK’s Daily Mail — which explains why everything is displayed in British pounds), PewDiePie is making $16 million a year. I’ve included this chart for the top five earners according to Social Blade, but the Swedish gamer is clearing far and away the most money off YouTube:

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 7.00.17 PM

And with the Wii underperforming, you can maybe understand why Nintendo et al. are so fussy about letting this sort of money just slip through their fingers. And with virtually no overhead or production costs, PewDiePie is making Maker a boatload.

Perhaps even more crazy, the swag channel, DisneyCollectorBR, is number two on the list for displaying stuff she accumulated revolving around toys. This gig potentially nets her over $10 million a year (argh, my fucking heart!).

Well, do what you love, I guess, and the money will come — unless you’re a mean-spirited writer with self esteem issues. Nobody pays shit for that.

Here are some other big YouTube earners:

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