Get Your YouTube On: Here’s The Schedule of Playlist Live Events

If you’re anything like us, you’re waaaaaaaaaay too lazy to actually go to the Playlist Live website and check the when/what of everything going down. So we’ve done it for you.

Annoyingly, they don’t list out the specific panels yet, but at least they give us the breakdown of where we need to be and when we need to be there.

The list of YouTubers is a veritable who’s who — pretty much say the name and there’s a better than average chance they’ll be there. And did I mention NMR — pretty much the most awesome magazine in the galaxy will be there, doing our thing, interviewing lots and lots of everyone you want to see. So if you can’t go, at least tune in and live vicariously through us.

maxresdefaultIf it’s anything like Woodstock, it’s going to be three days of peace, love and music. If it’s anything like VidCon, it’s going to be three days of jaw-dropping awesomeness and more YouTubers than you can possibly tackle. I’m not going to lie: you won’t get to see it all. But that isn’t a bad thing! Pick where you want to be and get there early because there’s a good chance a thousand other people all have that exact idea.

Oh yeah … and it’s all sold out, so if you don’t have a ticket, the hell with it, show up anyway and throw a temper tantrum (complete with holding your breath, leg flailing and throwing your pee on strangers). That’s pretty much how we get in every year.


8 am – 2 pm: Business Insight Registration
10 am: Business Day Keynote Address
11:30 am: Business Day Sessions Begin
1 pm – 8 pm: Early Registration for Standard Passes
6 pm: Business Day Reception Begins


7 am – 4 pm: General Registration
10 am: Expo Hall Opens
10 am: Expo Stage Opens
10 am: Outdoor Stage Opens
1 pm: Main Stage Opens
6 pm: Expo Hall Closes
9 pm – 11 pm: Attendee Dance Party



9 am – 12 pm: General Registration
10 am: Expo Hall Opens
10 am: Expo Stage Opens
10 am: Outdoor Stage Opens
10 am: Main Stage Opens
7 pm: Expo Hall Closes
7 pm: Main Stage Closes

Do you plan on going to Playlist Live? Let us know who you are by commenting below.

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