Granny Busts A Move To ‘Ice Ice Baby’ While Making Dinner — Surprisingly, Does Not Bust Hip [VIDEO]

This grandma dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” has been slowly picking up steam over the last couple weeks and finally looks primed to explode on the viral scene. Why things work this way is one of the great mysteries of virality — some things creep along and only become a “hit” over many years of exposure. Other things are on everyone’s playlist from the moment they get uploaded.

When I first saw this video, I was like, “Hey, that old lady has no business being that cool! She’s old … she should be talking about how “Eisenhower wronged the country or her metal hip or something.” But then I remembered that “old” is a transient term and relative. Technically, I’m kind of old too. Being “grandma age” isn’t really old — she was like a party girl in the 60s; the very generation that invented true cool. She probably [did some favors to] Jimi Hendrix for some [recreational narcotics] … I don’t have any business judging her.

Who would you [do some favors to] for some [recreational narcotics]? Let us know in the comments below.

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