Holy Moly: Record Number Of Christians Giving Up Social Media For Lent

If YouTube has noticed a dip in numbers this last week, the New York Post has an interesting revelation: Jesus. Jesus has stolen views from your channel.

This year’s hot sacrifice for Christians during Lent? Social media! A survey from something called the Barna Group (okay, I checked — it’s an Evangelical Christian polling group out of Ventura, Calif.) states that one of this year’s big ticket give-ups isn’t coffee or worshipping false gods, but Facebook and friends. Yeah, an impressive 16 percent of Christians have said, “Hell no,” to Twitter and the rest during the forty days between Mardi Gras and the Easter Bunny’s birthday. With approximately 236 million Christians practicing in the U.S. — we’re talking about a number that could be in the millions. Damn!

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The Barna Group’s spokesperson Roxanne Stone said that while “chocolate” was the biggie with 31 percent of Christians abstaining, concerning the abstinence from social media, “it’s a pretty significant number who are doing it.”

If Hershey’s has a YouTube channel, they’re hurting right now.

Here are other examples of Jesus tampering with social media:

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