Iman Crosson, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley Other YouTubers Talk Healthcare With President Obama [VIDEO]

NMR is now one step away from the White House. Surely, after they allow all the YouTubers in to visit with President Barack Obama to discuss healthcare reform, they’re bound to want to talk to the industry’s top shitrakers.

Hannah Hart, Rafi Fine, Tyler Oakley and other YouTuber’s were there for a special sit-down with the nation’s top mover/shaker to figure out how they could spread the word about Obamacare.

Of course, Iman Crosson was right there in the thick of it, unfurling his perfectly honed Obama impression. “I used to look like that,” the president grinned, but he indeed does look much, much older than he used to. I guess six years of being the top dog can do that to you.

The YouTubers, who were selected as a result of various meritory actions — Hannah did a video on insurance reform at the YouTube Space while Iman made a spoof rap video. This isn’t the first time Obama has met with a YouTube influencer — last year he met with Kid President from Soul Pancake.

I’m certainly a proponent of health care for all, so this is my kinda scene. Hopefully someone swiped something cool from the Oval Office that I can trade ‘em some Pogs for …

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