Is Disney Buying A Bomb in Reputed $500 Million Maker Studios Deal?

With not quite confirmations, but certainly more than rumors beginning to circulate the internet over Disney purchasing Maker Studios for a reported $500 million, one can’t help but wonder: has Disney been huffing its own mouse turds?


Nobody is questioning that Disney is acquiring the crown jewel of multi-channel networks — a monster of a new media communications hub with several of the biggest names in YouTube including No. 1 most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie involved.

Co-founded by NMR owner Danny Zappin, Maker Studios has certainly made its mark on the social media scene, jumping in estimated value from $300 million two years ago when they scored a $30 million investing round to today, when the deal for the company could be north of the $500 million mark.

But with turmoil surrounding MCNs as a whole, is a $500 million valuation — essentially the same price Fox paid for Myspace (bought for $580 million, later sold for $35 million) — too high a price? Any way I look at the deal, I say absolutely!

There isn’t a proven commodity in the resale value of old multimedia assets — how many people are clamoring to watch Glozell bits from two years ago? No, I want to see what she’s saying right this second! And the stables of MCNs are only as strong as their biggest names — if they leave when their contracts are up, what else can Maker possibly offer?

It’s too early to tell, but with Warner Bros. looking to snap up Machinima and Dreamworks already cinching up AwesomenessTV, Disney felt like they were late to the game. And so they followed the old axiom in business to a T: If you can’t be the first one in the pool, make the biggest splash.


Well, they’re certainly doing that. While Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head must be spinning on its dais, I’ll admit, I’m certainly excited to see how Disney is going to integrate and synergize the content they’re allegedly acquiring with their existing properties.

Epic Rap Battles of History: The Ride” would certainly kick ass.

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