Is Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Program ‘DeepFace’ A Tool Of The NSA?

Facebook just got a whole lot more evil. Remember it’s Google who pledges, “Don’t Be Evil,” not Zuckerberg and crew. As such, their moral compass was free to develop a program that recognizes faces equally as well as human beings ~ roughly 97 percent of the time. Sure, Facebook is maintaining that the software is just to enhance their ability to find and tag people in photos, but this seems akin to hiring the Terminator to track down your missing cat.

o-FACEBOOK-FACIAL-RECOGNITION-facebookWhy does Facebook need facial recognition software on par with or better than a Vegas casino? Maybe because they already have the largest collection of photos on Earth (yes, yes many of them are you making a “drinking face” while posing with an enormous bottle of alcohol). Created by three in-house developers and a Tel Aviv professor, the program “DeepFace” is not yet for public use, but Zuckerberg hasn’t been shy about developing artificial intelligence. Pretty soon that Terminator isn’t going to be hunting your cat, it’ll be coming after you.

Is this technology too creepy? Or is it frickin’ sweet? Let us know below!

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