Is Google Developing A ‘Just For Kids’ Version of YouTube? It Seems So …

Perhaps taking their cues from the Fine Brothers, YouTube is now allegedly creating an offshoot of their hot YouTube property — one which will focus on the kids.

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 7.55.30 PMFantastically, reports have surfaced today that a YouTube for the “under 10” demographic is a likely reality in the near future, and a beta site titled seems to confirm it. This “other YouTube” or Lil’Tube as they should name it (unless some leprechauns decide to piss and moan) would feature none of the salacious or racy content that goes into normal YouTube.

I think it’s safe to say that Steve Kardynal will not be making the transition. But this does raise an interesting point: is this going to be the second boom of YouTube? It’s a sure bet the Shaytards are already running there, but there will arguably be a big push for youth-themed content on the new site — do some of the other established YouTubers make a go of it on the alternate channel for early targeting of new fans? How will that work in the long run? And perhaps more interesting … will I get to be in charge of “NMR For Kids”? Hmm …

What do you think about a YouTube just for Kids? Love it? Hate It? Don’t Give A Damn?

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