Kids Scheming To Get Their Teachers Fired Is Alarming Trend On YouTube [VIDEOS]

I mostly like teachers and hate annoying kids, so really this trend of alarming videos on how to get your teacher fired is right up my alley. Because the only thing worse than annoying kids are their annoying parents. God, I hope word of this trend spreads and results in so many lawsuits. I just envision me conducting an invisible orchestra as sobbing parents en masse spank their kids on the courtroom steps after being sued for millions. It’s a pleasant thought.

The videos, which pop up sporadically throughout YouTube usually start the same way: A kid (or kids) has a problem with their teacher, so they scheme and spread lies to get their teacher fired or relocated. And now they’ve gone on YouTube to celebrate it. Whoops. Ahh, the millennials … so incapable of keeping quiet about their evil deeds.

Some of the kids cobble up harassment allegations while others play the “He touched my no-no spot” card. Considering the regularity with which these videos appear, it’s likely that many of them are fabricated — simple stories of kid’s living out their dreams of revenge online. But for the ones that aren’t lies, how sweet those lawsuits will be. Sigh, I almost wish I was a teacher …

What do you think should happen to these kids?

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