Magic of Rahat Is Super Viral For Giving ‘Winning’ Lotto Ticket To Homeless Guy: Yay, Charity!

There is this wonderful push for charity lately on YouTube, particularly from the pranksters. I can’t really explain it, I can only hope it continues — to a point.

After all, I don’t have nearly the kindness of soul (or money) that these YouTubers do and it pains to see them give it away to someone other than me. I could be using that money to build an army of sexy robots … or get a really big magnifying glass to cook the world’s biggest grasshopper.

So while I want them to do nice things, I also realize we as a planet are in real danger of losing our ability to care. If too many YouTubers do too many nice things for homeless people, not only will we experience a shortage of quality comedy, but a feeling of resentment could build against the homeless. Imagine if someone went up to a homeless person with a “Will Work For Food” sign and handed them a packet of vegetable seeds. That is the danger we’re potentially moving towards — “homeless indifference.” Then again, maybe if that person filmed themselves giving that homeless person a packet of seeds … why, we could get this whole sitch back on track again!

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