MTV Taps YouTube Stars Our2ndLife for MTV Movie Awards Duties Alongside Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien, the ginger talk show host, has accepted MC duties at the “MTV Video Awards” — and he’s bringing YouTube all-star team Our2ndLife along for the ride.

Due to Conan’s intense and loyal following on social media, MTV determined he was the prime candidate to host a show primarily geared towards young millenial types who are “down” with social media. Can you peep that, grandpa? This ain’t your daddy’s MTV Award Show …

Of course as an insurance policy, the O2L team, with their collected 8 million Twitter followers, have been recruited from the Fullscreen family to do some promotional bits leading up to — and during — the show. While the camps haven’t decided what exactly O2L’s duties are going to be in regard to the April 13 show, knowing the O2L guys, it should be something energetic.

“The idea is to take Internet celebrities and bring them into our world,” said Colin Helms, MTV’s senior VP of connected content. “The benefit is we get an authentic voice, someone who is excited about our shows and content but is also bringing it to their audience.”

Feel free to read that as: We didn’t do a good job connecting with the youngsters; now we’re scrambling to stay relevant.

While the O2L team is based in social media, apparently that won’t be a problem to group member Connor Franta, who said their television exposure would translate “really well to what we do on YouTube, because we’re really bloggy and skitty. We think our audience is going to respond… Their reaction to seeing us on TV will be exciting.”

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