MyDamnChannel Teams With Subway To Reward Talented College Kids With New YouTube Series

So Subway the restaurant apparently has a yen for making sandwich-themed programming.

Teaming up with MyDamnChannel, Subway offers USC & Syracuse college kids an opportunity to put their original series on the air — as long as the original series centers around the theme “Every Sandwich Tells A Story.”

USC-Trojans-1-1920The winning shows — two from USC and one from Syracuse, will debut on the MyDamnChannel channel on March 10 during the SXSW festival.

The winners are called “Miss Mustard Glade” and “Fairy Tales” from USC and a documentary-style show from Syracuse called “Fresh Starts.”

If you’re curious how good a show about sandwiches could possibly be, just know that Subway has been teaming up with USC for this contest for the last four years, while it’s a first time for Syracuse. So they must all be doing something right.

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