New Kin Community Lifestyle Couple AprilJustinTV Invites Viewers To Take Part In Their Baby Experience [INTERVIEW]

NMR has been super excited about everything that beauty/lifestyle network Kin Community has been up to lately. Positing themselves as “A Community of the Best Women’s Content on YouTube,” Kin Community has been making strides towards acquiring some of the best and smartest female-focused channels the internet has to offer. So we thought we’d reach out to a couple of their new channels and see who we’ll be watching next. Hope you enjoy.

First up, we get to introduce you readers to AprilJustintTV, a lifestyle channel run by a young married couple who are very much in full “baby mode.” It’s an exciting experience to go back and watch, not only as April and Justin meet the challenges of being expectant parents, but also as April grows progressively with the baby inside her. She’s definitely approaching any-day-now mode and some of their 144,000+ subscribers are starting to make bets as to when their incoming son, Liam, will arrive. For the record, NMR sees April 5 as the day. So if you want a heartwarming channel brimming with excitement that’s due for a big welcome change, AprilJustinTV is your stop.

And while NMR doesn’t foresee AprilJustinTV changing up their format anytime soon, if you aren’t into the new baby scene, April also does a cooking show. Hopefully the two don’t merge and form a terrifying hybrid show about cooking babies. Somehow I think April and Justin will steer away from that idea though.

Check in below the video to read our interview with April where we get the goods on why we should watch their channel above all others, and what we should watch first.

What got you into doing a YouTube beauty/lifestyle channel in the first place?

April: I didn’t have too many girlfriends who were interested in beauty products, so I decided to start my YouTube channel AprilAthena7 to share my passion! Otherwise, I would have talked my husband Justin’s ear off about lipsticks, foundation, and other topics I’m sure he isn’t too interested in, but since he’s such a sweetheart he would still listen and have conversations with me.

Justin eventually convinced me to start a cooking and baking channel COOKwithAPRIL because he thinks I’m an amazing cook/baker. Since I’m not a formally trained chef, I focus on making the steps easy to follow without fancy culinary vocabulary, lol!

Then last year, we decided to create a daily vlog channel AprilJustinTV after our viewers expressed an interest in following our day-to-day lives. After we found out we were pregnant, we decided to document the whole process, including all our doctor visits and ultrasounds. It’s been such an amazing experience to share with our friends on YouTube.

Why do you think your channel has been so successful amidst the multitudes of other beauty/lifestyle channels?

I attribute my success to all my subscriber friends who continue to watch my YouTube videos. I would not be where I am today without their support. I take pride in commenting back to as many people as humanly possible because I enjoy it so much. I view producing and uploading my videos as only 50 percent; the last 50 percent is the fun part where I engage with my friends in the comments section and get feedback on how they liked it and what I can do differently to continue improving my channel.

What is your absolute best tip for looking great?

I believe in true beauty first, so I try to better myself as a person by staying positive and enjoy reading motivational self-help books such as “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson. It helps me focus on the positive and move forward! Every night my husband and I share our “highlights of the day” to reflect on the positive parts of our day and encourages us to go to bed with a grateful heart.

The best tip to looking great is feeling great. Smile at others often and they will see your inner beauty.

Which video of yours is the best place to start for readers who aren’t familiar with you?

I recently did a “Get Ready With Me” video while on vacation with my husband in Costa Rica:

For cooking videos on my COOKwithAPRIL, I share a delicious brownie recipe from scratch:

For our daily vlogs on AprilJustinTV, check out our Baby Shower for our future son, Liam:

Why should readers subscribe to you over another channel?

I take pride in the fact that I talk about a lot of topics that might be a little uncomfortable or awkward for others. But I have no shame! I am a real woman sharing my real life experiences, sharing my real opinions. In addition, I have a positive outlook on life and many of my viewers tell me that just by watching my videos I bring sunshine and positivity to their days. So if you are looking to smile and laugh along with me, please subscribe!

When do you think April and Justin’s baby will be born? Guess in the comments below.

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