Nick Cannon Does ‘WhiteFace;’ Is This The End Of His Career? [VIDEO]

A mighty storm is brewing over Nick Cannon’s “whiteface” footage that has emerged on YouTube. Playing the white bro “Connor Smallnut,” Cannon gives his take on how silly white guys are. And you know what? He isn’t wrong. There are a grip of us who act like this (and use the term “grip” to describe segments of the “white people” populace). Even his name “Connor Smallnut” is so frickin’ white! I am pleased by this; it amuses me.

The PC crowd (“politically correct,” not “personal computer” — but the hell with them too) though, is not so friendly or happy about this footage. It tends to muddy the whole “only white people can be racist” dialogue that gets bandied about. Or the other side of it is that other people think no one should be “allowed” to be racist. Which of those stances best approximates you? I fall into a different category: I don’t take Nick Cannon’s schtick personally. I have no problem with him making fun of white people — it’s funny. But I make fun of all races, creeds, sexes, genders and body masses. I encourage people to develop an ability to laugh at themselves and others. Tolerance is what makes this country great, and if you don’t agree, I hope you die screaming in a fire.

All the same, the country is in an uncomfortable place with perceived “racism” lately. Cannon’s probably going to lose his Nickelodeon development deal. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt the Fine Brothers

Do you think Nick is okay doing this or do you deserve to die screaming in a fire? Let us know in the comments below.